First Christian Church


Barbara Lautner
Church Secretary

Barbara has lived in the Grand Traverse Area for most of her life; she has a love for the Lord and appreciates church work.Barbara believes that spending time with those who have a vision for worship, service and who speak their love of God is a real blessing; being paid is frosting on the cake! She and her husband, Bernie have a home west of town. They enjoy country life, nature, gardening and the birds singing. Their newest passion is the 'next generation' as they are recent grandparents to four! 'Grandma' is a name Barbara loves to hear. Barbara is in the office Monday through Thursday from 9 am4:30 pm. She is ready to assist you with any needs you have or try to answer your questions. If she doesn't know the answer, Barbara promises to track someone down who does! Stop by and say 'hi'!